Technical Data:

Flow: upto 750 LPM
Head: upto 30 m
Power: upto 2 HP
Voltage: 220 V

Water supply in – Apartments / Hotels / Irrigation / Clear water transfer in Industries

Suitable for wide band of voltage i.e. 160V to 240V, lifelong permanent lubricated (ZZ) bearings, high performance TEFC, Class of insulation ‘F’, built in thermal over-load protection, capacitor fixed inside the terminal box to avoid damage, dynamically balanced rotating parts to ensure min. vibration, noise free operation & long bearing life, sealing arrangement – Mech. Seal (High Quality for long life), designed for automatic air release during priming, direction of Rotation – ACW, when viewed from suction side, safety Feature – Earthing provision, TOP and low life cycle cost – low maintenance, low power consumption and easy motor rewinding

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