Technical Data:

Flow: upto 235 LPM
Head: upto 8 mts
P2: upto 0.75 kW (1hp)
Voltage: 230 V
Phase: Single
Max. immersion depth: 5 m


Drainage of clear or slightly dirty water / for domestic use and lifting of waste water even with suspended solids / for domestic use


Pump installation in vertical position with horizontal delivery port, pumps are delivered with elbow for vertical delivery port, pressure Port: G1’’1/2, cable length: 10m, protection class IP68 (up to 5 meters immerged), temperature range: +5 to +35°C, maximum number of starts per hour: 60, density of the fluid: 1 to 1.06, PH of the fluid: 6 to 8, minimum pumping level: Drain/Waste – 20 mm / 40 mm and non non return valve

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